Virtues – Stream of Consciousness

Love is being one with someone else

Love is a tender kiss, hug, pat on the shoulder

How do I know love?

How do I give love?

Dogs give unconditional love

Confidence is personal to everybody

Why do I lack confidence?

Where can I find confidence?

Caring makes people feel well

Kindness makes people feel happy

Purity – Angels, trees, water, animals

How do I achieve purity?

How do I keep my thoughts pure?

Body? Mind?

How do I overcome my own defects?


How do I add wonder to my life?

Wonder is infectious

Share the wonder

How do I make something wonderful?

Find wonder

Find unity in friendship

Unity is seperate but can have a goal or point

Collective goal

Unity is one for all and all for one

Innocence – the games of a child

Detachment can allow for uniqueness

Perfectly fine to stand alone

Detachment allows for perspective

Joy is like a miracle

Joy tears

Don’t be afraid to think Big

Face your fears

Pursue your goals

Ideals should be pure

Share your ideals


The unknown

Knowledge is power

Share your knowledge

Power goes away

Collective knowledge is stronger than individual knowledge

Be open for knowledge of unsuspecting things

Knowing is in the heart – information is in the head

It takes strength to have determination

Determination requires forward thinking

Determination without stubborness

Strength has no labels

Strength need not be physical

Patiently waiting

Patiently not waiting

Patient for all the right reasons

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