Resources and helpful links that I’ve collected for some time.


DeviantArt – you all know it

SenshiStock – Great pose reference

Textures – Awesome textures for artists

CG Textures – more for diorama and hobby stuff but still awesome

Found myself – a social site for artists

Graphicly – an online store that showcase comic book artists and publishers.

Comic Blog Elite – a cool site that lists the top comic book blogs (changes from day to day)

Comicfury – a web comic hosting site

Webcomicsnation – another web comic hosting site

Artist Stats – bureau of labor statistics on the artist

Arts Edge – lessons, activities, how-to’s, and guides on art

Smart History – interactive art history web site

Art Lex – art definitions and theory

Mind Map Inspiration – A really cool site about mind maps

Laurie Lipton – One of my fav artists

The Black Nurse – horror art blog

Symbolism – online dictionary of symbolism

Magic – Good site to learn about magic

Snowflake Method – an awesome way to write (it really helps to do it this way)

The Heroes Journey – Information on the archetype of “the heroes journey”

Literary Theory – a glossary on writing terms

How Not To Plagiarize – info on how to correctly site other authors

Digital Webbing – Good comic publisher/forum

Comix Tribe – another comic publisher/forum

Horrors Online – an awesome forum to dive into all things horror

Visuwords – type in a word and find out everything associated with that word

Virtual Lighting – easy to use app that lets you come up with hundreds of different light and shadow images for an artist



Virtues – a site that deals with virtues, character, spirituality

Early Modern Texts – early modern philosophy texts

Ask a Philosopher – ask a philosopher anything

Crystal Links – good for metaphysical stuff

Infographics – maps and cool images

The Humanities – Amazing site to learn about the humanities

Perseus – Amazing site to read and learn about the humanities

Five Dollar Traveler – Site about traveling for less

Jordan Peterson – one of the great modern thinkers

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